How can we add value to your business?

The reasons a company gets into financial difficulties can be many, some examples are rapid growth in a capital-heavy industry, insufficient earnings or declining revenue.

Although the issue often has the highest priority in the organisation, it is crucial that there continues to be a focus on the company's delivery quality to customers and the performance of company's operations. Therefore, it can be difficult to have sufficient resources to run an optimisation project at the same time.

Adequate resources?

It can be difficult to run an optimization project with the existing resources, therefore outside help can ensure timely execution of the required optimisations

SOLUTION CATALYST can help you define, lead and execute your optimisation project, so that leadership and employees can focus on running the core business and retaining customers.

A selection of possible services:

Interim Leadership

An experienced interim manager who quickly understands the company's challenges can be critical to ensure progress in optimisation



Defining the right turn-around plan, clear run-rate models and calculations is essential to get through all the steps correctly in the process.


Improving business processes is a discipline that is essential when optimising a distressed asset