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SOLUTION CATALYST applies a methodological approach, to ensure that we always delivers a well-founded and solid product/service to the customer and at all times cater for the customer's interests. 

It is essential for us that the customer is at the center, always adds value, and it is core value is to ensure that the customer always implement the best feasible solutions to address the current issues.


SOLUTION CATALYST  is founded by Kenneth Barrett, who has 20 years of experience with Danish, Nordic and International leadership, primarily within the role of CFO and CFOO.

His analytical data driven and holistic approach to solving issues and fostering new ideas and opportunities combined with his result-focused, business-minded and solution-oriented while providing an empathetic and engaging style is the approach and culture he has build SOLUTION CATALYST on. 

Kenneth Barrett has strong experience with leadership of e.g. Internal IT, HR, Legal and commercial, asset management, general administration and operational delivery, and he has been leading finance functions with a strong focus on the business and amongst others he holds an Executive CBA in General Management from Henley, UK.

Kenneth has participated in and driven well-run turn-arounds, Business Profitability and Transformation programmes and Mergers, which has also included transformation of the finance function into a strong business partnership function, offshoring, etc.

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