Management Information

Focused, timely and relevant information to manage operation and guide the strategy

Management information

The Management Information system, business intelligence or Performance Indicators available for the leadership team are comparable to the importance of the aircraft's cockpit instruments or the lighthouse for the captain when navigating

It is essential that the company performance information provides the leadership team with transparency of the current status and expected future developments. For the metrics to be relevant it must help the leadership team determining if the company is on the right track to reach the desired goals or whether corrective actions are needed.

The company’s owner or investors will also require reporting on performance targets and measurements, that can be different from those of the executive leadership . This can cause that the available management information to the leadership team at times can be overwhelming and reduce attention to the relevant key metrics and key ratios for the operational target achievement.

Relevant management information consist of two types:

  1. Leading and lagging data points, measuring the key external influencing factors for achievement of the company objectives, enabling the right actions can be taken in a timely manner

  2. Leading and lagging data points measuring to what extent the critical actions/processes of the company are executed satisfactorily, s0 corrective actions can be implemented in a timely manner. 

Those combined will tell the leadership if corrective measures are needed either to improve internal execution or adapt to external changes in order to achieve the goal

The process

When creating relevant and focused management information, it is important to define the correct indicators that measure the actual actions leading to the desired change. It could be "First time fix" or case processing time to improve customer satisfaction, call per agent, time per call in a service desk to improve profitability, etc.

Often companies already have the necessary data. The path to relevant and focused management information is therefore a question of A) selecting the right data points, B) building a transparent reporting, C) solid analysis and D) an integrated forecast process.

How can we support you?

Often a company does not have a surplus capacity or resources to take out of the daily operations to run the required process/project, and it is here SOLUTION CATALYST can help your company. We can assist you and your organization throughout the process of identifying relevant data, building forecasts, reporting processes and analysis tools and methods for your leadership to have focused relevant management information.

our service comprises E.G.:
  • Identification of relevant data

  • definition of KPIs
  • Creation of the forecast process
  • Reports and reporting processes
  • System Choice and implementation