Performance Management

An essential tactical and strategic tool

The right correlation

Incentive schemes are an important tool for ensuring that employees and leadership are working towards the same objectives and goals. Thus, it is important to establish a direct relationship between the company's strategy and the target setting process that drives the motivation of the employees.

The right data

Occasionally it is necessary to go beyond the immediate process as the data for the targets, the leader wants to incorporate, are not available, or the data is currently not reliable and accurate enough to be applied for target calculation in the incentive schemes. Here is a need for reviewing the corporate reporting processes, so the direct link between the employee's remuneration and company's achievement of the strategic and financial goals can be established.

The right targets

Even when the company has reliable and secure data and information available to evaluate the target achievements, it is important that the leadership regularly reviews whether each individual has the right targets and incentive models to support their strategic and operational direction.

The right frequency

Depending on the industry of the company the response time of the market may differ, and it may be worth considering whether the target period is correct, e.g. should be monthly, quarterly or annually? The pay-out frequency can be monthly, quarterly or yearly independent of the target period, which may give desired behaviours that the leadership wants to incentivise.

For companies that do not have or can offer stock option programs, an incentive program with a target period of 2 to 3 years may be a good alternative to ensure implementation of long-term strategic goals as well as retention of key talents.

How can we support you?

SOLUTION CATALYST offers your company to analyse your current incentive models and their alignment to your current short-term targets and long-term strategies, and where gaps are found provide you with alternative proposals for new incentive goals and models. We can also help your company to test the reliability of the incentive targets and implement the necessary changes to your data collection and reporting structures to increase their reliability and accuracy as an incentive objective

our service comprises E.G.:
  • Correlation analysis 
  • Data identification 
  • Definition of system requirements
  • Definition of targets
  • Incentive systems
  • Performance calculation