An agent, who significantly speeds up a change, action or decision process
coherently with your company’s employees and leadership

Our philosophy

It is indisputable that the company's employees and leadership are the ones who best know the core business strengths and main challenges. Naturally they are also the key to find the possible solutions

Focus Areas

PRivate equity

We help create added value for your asset and ensure the right match between prospect and buyer.

Distressed assets

We help you define, lead and execute your Turn-Around, while the company can focus on running the core business.

leadership gaps

We help by filling the temporary management gap that has arisen in your company with an experienced leader

Operational excellence

We help you create optimal business processes and to optimise your business.

About Us

It is essential for SOLUTION CATALYST when working with your organisation, that it takes place with respect for the company’s leadership values, the company's culture and the vision and mission.

It is a core value for SOLUTION CATALYST to have the customer at the centre, strive to deliver the service better than specification and challenge the customer’s assumptions in order to ensure optimal outcome for the customer. .

"to make the right decision is only the beginning, to make it a good one is all about what you do after"

Kenneth Barrett



Focused, timely and relevant information

Turn-around leadership 

Problem identification, solution and plan execution

interim lEADERSHIP

An urgent need for an experienced leader

cfo advisory

A Little help can make a big difference  

Performance management

An essential tactical and strategic tool


To get more out of what you already have